Off Road Lake Powell UTV Tours

Lake Powell UTV Tours

On Epic’s Lake Powell UTV Tours, you can choose whether you want to drive a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) yourself or have an experienced local guide do the driving so that you can experience the wonder and beauty of UTV Tours Page AZ. An Epic Adventure Rides guide will also share the knowledge of the various scenery and sights so that you will be able to travel without worrying about a map and will better understand the attractions that you see.

Epic Adventure Rides’ UTV Tours Page AZ will include in your adventure incredible attractions such as the following:

Vermilion Cliffs

The second “step” in a five-step Grand Staircase of the Colorado Plateau extends west for quite a distance in northern Arizona and southern Utah from close to Page, Arizona. They are made up of desert dunes and deposited silt and are cemented by intensely colored red iron oxide and other minerals. The Cliffs were on an important route used by settlers in the 19th Century and today’s U.S. Highway 89A basically follows the old wagon route.

Grand Staircase National Monument

This is bounded by Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on the south and east and it is popular for hiking, canyoneering, and backpacking areas, including Calf Creek Falls, Zebra Canyon, and the Devils Garden. It encompasses 1,003,863 acres and goes from the towns of Big Water, Kanab, and Glendale, Utah, in the southwest to the towns of Boulder and Escalante in the northeast.

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Contact Epic Adventure Rides if you want to enjoy for yourself exploring some of the amazing trails, canyons, overlooks, and spectacular views in the Southwest Lake Powell area and the backcountry of Lake Powell in one of their “off the road” Lake Powell UTV Tours.

The goal is to be the highlight of your trip with multiple UTV tour options and experienced local guides. Additionally, you can be sure that your tour will be tailored to your own goals, pace, level of adventure, and interests, especially if you want to take pictures. These tours are perfect for all ages; and helmets, goggles, and gloves are provided to all guests. The tours depart daily, and reservations are required so call today.